Google Nest Cams are getting reset to default video quality

Lockdown has taken place all over the world, so all people are staying at home. For all that reason, it is seen that the demand for the bandwidth is now increasing at a peak level. So, to maintain the speed and to make the internetworking all the time, videos quality are soon coming down. This all is happening to save the bandwidth in a better way.
In that process, Google has now jumped to save bandwidth. It ensures that all the things are working in good condition in limited bandwidth condition. To do that all, it provides that the nest cams video quality to default mode. It will get reset automatically in the coming days.
From a statement from Google, it states that it is happening to prevent video call drops and freezing of screen during the call. So, for all that reason, now they are setting the video quality to default. The users of the Nest cams will get a notification when it takes place. After some weeks when the situation will be normal, they all can enjoy back the high-quality video calls in Nest cams. The update is now rolling out to the users of Nest cam.

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