Jack White Rocks Saturday Night Live

Jack White Performing
Jack White Performing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Saturday Night Live has always been quite cautious about it. Hence, during the last night, they had nixed Morgan Wallen, as he breached the safety protocol of COVID-19. However, that did not ruin the fun at all, all thanks to Jack White.

The famous rockstar showed up with a black jacket and performed as perfectly as possible. His unconventional voice, intriguing tune, and sublime melodies were on-point on Saturday. However, he didn’t stop at that.

Aside from his songs, he had also included the collaborations that he has done with Beyonce. However, we could only hear the chorus of the same. But, that definitely did not stop us or anyone else from enjoying the show.

During the second set of the program, Jack White decided to move away from the slower tracks. Thus, he began bursting out with Lazaretto, from his 2014 album of the same name. The song was amazingly energetic and made the fans feel pretty lively.

But why did Saturday Night Live fall off of Wallen? Well, according to reports, he was partying without wearing a mask. Moreover, apparently, he also snuggled with a few people, which is definitely not hygienic for the COVID-19.