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Arc, an electric boat company, intends to make a major splash

Water and electricity don’t mix; actually, they do a great job of mixing, which can be hazardous for humans. As a result, owning an electric boat may seem to be a risky proposition. A new California company named Arc attempts to change that reputation, starting with the $300,000 limited edition of a 24-foot watersports boat.

That is a huge amount of money. But Arc wants to operate its way down from such a pricing point once it starts building and selling boats, same as Tesla did with the electric passenger vehicles with the Roadster, Model X and S, Model 3 and Y. It is financed by Silicon Valley powerhouse company Andreessen Horowitz.

Electric boats have considerably fewer moving parts, minimizing maintenance costs, which are one of the most costly aspects of being the owner of a boat. Furthermore, energy can be significantly less costly than marina fuel, as well as trickle charging the boat at residence makes a lot more sense than charging a car. While Arc’s initial boat may not achieve 100% parity with the gas-powered boat, that is the goal, according to Arc CEO Mitch Lee.

In an interview with The Verge, Lee says, “We’re starting up-market, grinding our way down as soon as we can — we’re adopting their script virtually verbatim.” The $300,000 Arc One boat’s limited sales will help finance the R&D required to create a cheaper version of Arc, one that may sell “in the thousands,” according to Lee.

It’s easy to label Arc as a “Tesla for boats” because he’s following Tesla’s lead while simultaneously attempting to disrupt the boating industry with electric motor technology. Arc is not the very first and is not going be the last, but Lee stated he would instead leave it to media and general people to decide. “As a branding expert, I’m hesitant because everyone will proclaim themselves ‘Tesla for boats.’ “It’s like everyone wants to be like that,” he says. “What counts is how well you’re following the playbook.”

Arc’s first boat is essential, but it’s a work of art – at least on the paper. (Arc already has one prototype, according to Lee.) According to Lee, the boat will feature a 200kWh with an 800-volt battery pack — nearly double the size and Tesla’s new top-tier pack volate — as well as a 475-horsepower electric motor. According to Lee, it will reach a top speed of roughly 40 miles for every hour and run for about four hours, enough to cover a day of boating.