VGRID Energy Systems is a pioneer in renewable energy development

Bio-Energy Server 100 has been released by VGRID Energy Systems. Bioservers can convert biomass into sustainable renewable electricity and an ultra-pure, very porous carbon form. VGRID has specialized in agricultural waste, like pistachio shells, trees, almond shells, grapevine prunings, and manure, although any type of biomass can be transformed.

“The benefit of bio-energy is that it is a plentiful, low-cost fuel source that can deliver electricity on demand,” stated Greg Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of VGRID Energy Systems. Bioservers are portable and designed to offer 100kW of electricity, which is significant for utilities that struggle to handle intermittent sources such as solar and wind. It’s also modular, with 1MW available in a 10-server farm with a small footprint. VGRID will offer power as a service at a lower cost than what customers are paying now. VGRID owns, manages, and maintains the systems. Therefore, there are no upfront costs for the customer.

The carbon has been certified as a cattle feed ingredient by VGRID in collaboration with veterinarians. Early trials show an increase in feed effectiveness and a substantial decrease in livestock methane emissions. Carbon can also be utilized for odor removal, water and air filtration, and soil amendment.

VGRID’s Bioservers offer a solution that allows mining techniques to run while also decarbonizing the atmosphere. VGRID devised a method for converting dead beetle death trees into Bitcoin mining power. When 1,000 acres of the beetle-killed pine are burned, 20,000 to 25,000 tons of CO2 will be released. Not only would this amount of biomass be able to generate 30,000 MWh of power if it is converted to electricity, but it will also lower the fire hazard and cut CO2 emissions. This much electricity would be enough to run 1,000 crypto-mining computers for one year. Bioservers generate renewable energy and greatly influence long-term biocarbon sequestration and CO2 reduction in the atmosphere.

VGRID Energy Systems, Inc. is dedicated to developing new renewable energy solutions that are highly efficient. The company provides ground-breaking technologies to Central Valley farmers in California to lower their crushing water irrigation expenses and repair their farm soil to ensure long-term sustainability. The company carries out development and research, prototype fabrication of the electronics and sophisticated electromechanical systems, and continuous testing and refinement. In Camarillo, California, VGRID has roughly 60,000 square feet of fabrication facilities, machine shops, testing facilities and laboratories.