How to Rotate Your PDF Files Online Quickly and Easily  



Rotate PDF is an application that enables you to quickly and conveniently rotate your files in a few clicks! This online tool offers different attributes, which can turn pages as you wish, merge multiple files simultaneously, save your file permanently, or you can also use all or just some pages in a PDF document. You can be creative! There’s no limit!


In addition, rotating PDF documents also means turning the page to the right side. This will change the view and rotational level of the paper. Each time pages are rotated, the paper is moved to 90 by PDF editors.


These two types of guidance, landscape, and portrait, can be achieved by turning a PDF. A horizontal view is the first term of a page, whereas vertically, the second term looks.


How to Use the Rotate PDF Tool by GogoPDF

By using Rotate PDF, you can already fix your file and already rotate it instead of returning the document to the sender or before you pass your paper! This is a convenient tool that is simplified, so it won’t take much of your time to rotate your files. There are four easy ways where you can utilize and rotate your PDF correctly. 

Step One

You can open and upload the rotating PDF you wish to rotate. You can also get a file or drag it into your toolbox from your computer.

Step Two 

Rotate your PDF file around, and adjust as desired.

Step Three

After the file has been rotated, you can now download and save it.

Step Four 

You can also download, save, or share the adjusted PDF on any of your media accounts on your computer!


What Are the Features of the Rotate PDF Tool?

Rotate PDF tools are limited to rotating your files and enabling users to rotate the page more. There are added features where you can also use Multiple Rotation Options, Rotating PDF permanently and converting the rotated PDF pdf to word, and many other options. Moreover, features such as being flexible on all devices and obtaining strong privacy are available in this tool, and no extra downloads are needed.


Multiple Options for PDF Rotation

You can select different options if you want to rotate your PDF. It allows choosing the angle and view of your file from the web-based tool GogoPDF. You may select a clock or a clock direction, or a 90° or 180°. You can also rotate some pages or all pages in your PDF. Besides the current stack, you can add additional files or rearrange pages to your PDF file.


Rotate Your PDFs Permanently

You can constantly rotate and save your PDF to your folder. If you click on the ‘Change Apply’ button, the tools themselves will work their magic on your document. In addition, if you convert the PDF to a hard copy, this application tool can also automatically adjust the file. The printed version also reflects changes to the PDF source file automatically.


Several Devices, Browsers, and Platforms Are Supported

Windows, Linux, Mac, and other major operating systems work well with this online tool. It also works absolutely on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles and is compatible with many browsers, including Google Chrome.


Protects User’s Privacy

When you are uncomfortable with personal data sharing, this tool has a unique feature that can be of great help. It offers privacy and security, so you need nothing but your file. Moreover, GogoPDF is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its owners, customers, employees, and everyone who confides in using its tool. Hence, after an hour, all files uploaded are removed from their server.


Makes Sure Your Cloud Storage Is Safe and Secure 

This online tool runs entirely with no additional downloads or software in your web browser. It is encrypted with protection and would not take up your storage. Hence, all its users can quickly and easily edit their PDFs! The entire process is carried out in the Cloud online and saved.



To sum it up, rotate PDF is a very convenient tool, especially if you need urgent file conversion and rotation. It also offers lots of features that you can choose from. You can already rotate your PDF files in simply a few clicks, and it is easy and quick to rotate PDF pages and merge several files at once!


So, if you have dilemmas with your file and want it fixed, rotate the PDF– and be sure to do it on!